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Castration, followed by torture and impalement, is a punishment commonly inflicted on spies.
pg. 89, Vagabonds of Gor


The penalty for debt is enslavement, for male or female. Male slaves are usually debtors or criminals
pg. 236, Beasts of Gor
Also, a female debtor, in many cities, is subject to judicial enslavement, she then coming rightlessly and categorically, identically with any other slave, into the ownership of the creditor
pg. 275, Magicians of Gor
…slaves were not permitted to impart instruction to a free man, since it would place him in their debt, and nothing was owed to a slave….
Tarnsman of Gor, 3:46
"She lived from men, following them and exploiting them," I said. "She was a debtor slut. I paid her bills and thus came into her de facto ownership, through the redemption laws."
Renegades of Gor, 10:172


Theft of a Home Stone is punishable by death, general impalement preceded by lengthy torture, or the tarn death, in which the victim is bound hand and foot to two tarns, lifted 100 feet in the air, and at a prearranged signal, torn apart as the birds fly in opposite directions.
pp. 154-160, Tarnsman of Gor
Theft of another's property is a crime. Punishment for the first offense is generally notching of the ear. Second offense depends on the sex of the offender…a male loses his left hand and both feet, a female is generally enslaved
(for instance, in Lydius,) pg. 47-52 Hunters of Gor
"Her ear," I said. "Her ear was notched." Rim and Thurnock laughed. "A thief," said Thurnock….I suddenly recognized the girl. It was she who had cut my purse earlier in the day, the sensuous little wench, whose ear had been notched…I well knew what the punishment was for a Gorean female, following her second conviction for theft
pp. 47-49, Hunters of Gor
Port-Kar Specific Punishments for Theft:
"Turgus of Port Kar," said the praetor, "in virtue of what we have here today established, and in virtue of the general warrant outstanding upon you, you are sentenced to banishment. If you are found within the limits of the city after sunset this day you will be impaled."
pg. 58, Explorers of Gor
"The Lady Sasi, of Port Kar," said the praetor, "in virtue of what we have here today established, and in virtue of the general warrant outstanding upon her, must come under sentence." "Please, my officer," she begged. "Please sentence me only to a penal brothel!" "The penal brothel is too good for you," said the praetor.
pg. 58, Explorers of Gor
His right ear had been notched,……. Such notching, I knew, is usually done to the ears of thieves; a second offense is normally punished by the loss of the right hand; a third offense is normally punished by the removal of the left hand and both feet. There are few thieves, incidentally, on Gor. I have heard, though there is a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar, a strong caste which naturally protects its members from such indignities as ear notching.
Nomads of Gor, pg 85


The penalty for brigandage varies, and the penalty is harsher than for mere theft, undoubtedly because of the number of offenses the criminal is being punished for. The penalty is generally death. "Men would find us with the loot about, and impale us!" said the leader. That was not improbable. Thieves are often dealt with harshly on Gor.
pg. 11, Renegades of Gor
The form execution takes varies. It includes being hung in iron collars, in which death might take as long as two or three days, chaining to the boards, in which the victim is fastened on upright boards mounted on posts, which is often used in port cities, impalement is often the punishment in the country, with the pole being set up near a crossroads, where it will be readily seen, trampled or torn apart by tharlarion. If the criminal shares a Home Stone with the victim, a more humane punishment is inflicted: the criminal is stripped, tied to a post, beaten with rods, then beheaded. "Chain them and hang them in collars at the inn!" said a fellow…"Chain them on the boards," cried another…"Let them be trampled by tharlarion," said a fellow…"No, let them be torn apart by them," said another…
If one shares a Home Stone with the victim, of course, the punishment is often more humane. A common punishment where this mitigating feature obtains is to strip the victim, tie him to a post, beat him with rods and then behead him. This, like the hanging in chains, the exposure on boards, and such, is a very ancient modality of execution
pg. 14-15, Renegades of Gor

Entering a City without Permission

No person may enter the city without permission except as noted below. The penalty for violation of this law is impalement above the city gates as a warning to others. As was wise I avoided cities in my long journey, though I passed several, for to enter a city without permission or without satisfactory reason is tantamount to a capital crime, and the punishment is usually a swift and brutal impalement. Pikes on the walls of Gorean cities are often surmounted with the remains of unwelcome guests.
pg. 49, Outlaw of Gor
Those being granted permission are given pieces of pottery called "ostraka" to identify themselves. "As we do have the yellow ostraka and our permits do not permit us to remain in the city after dark," said Marcus, "I think we should venture now to the sun gate." Marcus was the sort of fellow who was concerned about such things, being arrested, impaled, and such.
pg. 9, Magicians of Gor


Heralds and ambassadors may freely enter a city. "I claim ," I said, "the immunity of the herald."
pg. 175, Raiders of Gor
Assassins bearing the mark of the black dagger on their forehead are permitted entrance into a city without interference. \u201cKurrus, of the Caste of Assassins, entered the great gate of Ar. Guardsmen did not detain him, for he wore on his forehead the mark of the black dagger…When he of the Caste of Assassins has been paid his gold and has received his charge he affixes on his forehead that sign, and he may enter whatever city he pleases, and none may interfere with his work\u201d.
pg. 6-7, Assassin of Gor
However, an exception to this is that the Entertainers Caste is outlawed in the city of Tharna
pg. 65-70, Outlaw of Gor

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