Criminal Laws


It is a crime within the city to take the life of another free person without a death warrant issued by a Prefect. Penalties for murder may include execution, banishment or the payment of substantial fines to the family of the murdered free.
Those accused of murder may plead their innocence before a Prefect, or may claim the act was justifiable homicide. In these cases a Prefect will mount an investigation as to the case and the action taken and rule accordingly.
Justifiable Homicide shall be defined as:

Defense of the Home Stone

The use of deadly force in the defense of the Home Stone is recognized as justifiable.

An Act of War

An agent of an enemy power, found in the city and where arrest would not be feasible, may be killed by any citizen or rendered over the the authorities. Quote

Order of the City

No agent of the city shall be charged with murder where such act was in accordance with a sentence already passed by a Prefect.

Self Defense

Free men and women may defend themselves from attack with deadly force.

Protection of Others

Free men may use deadly force to protect women and children, their fellow free men as well as the property of others, from imminent attack.


The city recognizes that the Caste of Physicians may upon occasion, cause deadly consequences to their charges in the discharge of their duties. In these cases another Physician shall be called to testify as to the merits of the case and the presented defense.


Any free may take their own life. The city shall not interfere in such cases. Assisting euthanasia is also a permissible act provided that the dead free left a signed note. Such notes will be subject to authentication by the caste of Scribes.

Refusal of Submission

The City recognizes that Warriors have a Caste obligation to accept the submission of a free woman or kill her.

Refusal to Submit

Any man granted capture rights over a female of another city, who refuses to submit to her collar, may slay his captive.


Any man claiming the caste of assassin as protection from the charge of murder shall present such evidence of his caste duties to the Praetor. The Praetor shall determine if the case proceeds, or if the accused is released. Any man so released shall depart the city immediately or be subject to arrest for the murder for which he was originally held.

Dispute Resolution

Intra Caste Dispute

In the case of a dispute between members of the same caste, for which the written law offers no resolution, the Head of Caste is expected to make a ruling on the matter. Once a ruling is made it may optionally be recorded with the Cylinder of Knowledge for future reference. All parties are expected to abide by such rulings.

Inter Caste Dispute

In the case of a dispute between a man of one caste and a man of another, the respective Heads of Caste are expected to resolve the dispute.


In the event such disputes cannot be settled, a challenge may be issued. The challenger must publicly state the challenge. The man challenged then has the choice of mode of combat and time. The challenged man may also choose a champion to fight in his place if he is not skilled with in the arts of the red caste. The dispute is settled when one party demands mercy or is killed. The victor of the challenge has no claim to the estate of the vanquished. In the event that the vanquished is dead, his estate shall be distributed according to the inheritance law.


Any person not being a citizen found within the city walls, including those wearing a map of the city and not being a magistrate or scribe, shall be tortured and impaled. Quote


It is a crime within the city to force a free person to engage in sexual acts against their will. Those found guilt of rape shall face execution or banishment, at the discretion of the Prefect. Witness and Physician testimony are admissible at a rape trial, and no man shall be convicted of rape without a preponderance of testimony supporting his guilt.


It shall be a crime within the walls of the city to assert as true, by any means oral or written, any untruth known by the author to be a untruth, the utterance or repeat of which is designed to harm another free. In such cases, if the accused is found guilty, he shall be subject to fines and imprisonment. However, if the Prefect determines that the accused spoke the truth, then the plaintiff shall be subject to fines and imprisonment equal to that to which the accused would have been subject, had the truth not been spoken.

Property, Money and Debt


If a man cannot pay his debts, his creditors may apply to the Prefect to seize his property to discharge the debt. In the event that such property is insufficient to meet his obligations, the Prefects may also seize his daughters and companion, who will be enslaved and sold from the public block, the monies raised being applied to the outstanding debt. Additional monies owed may be discharged by arresting the debtor and selling his services to a work chain until such debt is repaid. Free women who refuse or are unable to meet the obligations of notes in their name may be enslaved by the city and sold from the public auction block. The creditor may also petition the city to have the woman enslaved and given to him as direct payment for his note. Quotes


Theft by a slave is punished by execution. The first offense by a free is punished by an ear notching. A second offense by a free man results in the removal of their right hand. The third offense their left hand and both feet. A free women convicted of her second offense is punished by enslavement. Wherever possible, the stolen property shall be seized and returned to its rightful owner.


It is a crime to present false witness and testimony to any free person of the city with the intention of obtaining monies or items of intrinsic worth that they would not otherwise have had access to. Such crimes may be punished with fines and imprisonment.


Any person being found guilty of brigandage shall be publicly executed.

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